Korea & Australia

Our History

While 2011 marks the 50th Year of diplomatic relations between Australia and Korea, the history of contact between the two countries dates back over a century. 122 Years in fact! It all began in late 1889 when Australian missionaries set out across the sea on a journey to Busan, Korea. After a mammoth 40 day journey, Reverend Joseph Henry Davies became the first Australian to set foot on Korean soil on October 2nd.  It would be the start of a long and fruitful relationship. The documents of this landing are today kept in Melbourne at the Caulfield School, an important piece of information that should not be forgotten.

Diplomatic Offices


The Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Sydney is responsible for providing passport and consular assistance to Korean nationals and immigration and visa-related information for Australians and citizens of third countries traveling to Korea. Enquiries relating to trade and culture are also welcome at the Consulate-General. You can be provided with updated information on all aspects of current Korean-Australian relations and consular services by visiting their website here.
The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Canberra has been actively striving to strengthen Korean-Australian relations. It has committed itself to provide necessary information to share for all who are interested in the relationship between Korea and Australia and consular service for Koreans in need of practical help. More information can be found on their website here.
Australia Korea Foundation
The Australia-Korea Foundation was established by the Australian Government in 1992. AKF's vision is to achieve enhanced awareness and understanding in Australia and Korea of the importance and mutual benefits of the bilateral relationship. AKF runs Grants and Scholarship Programs annually. More information can be viewed on AKF's website here.