Let’s Talk about Korea!

The Korean Speaking Contest 2017 will be held at the KCC. This competition provides the Korean language students with an opportunity to to show off their Korean language skills and talent and share their ideas on Korean culture and the language. It will also feature Korean cultural performances and food and drinks will be provided for the contestants and the audience. More excitingly, the 1st prize winner will get to travel to Korea to partake in the final contest and the training program organised by the King Sejong Institute Foundation!

1. When? 16 June 2017, at 6pm

2. Where? Arirang Hall, Korean Cultural Centre

3. Who can apply? Anyone studying or having studied at the King Sejong Institute of KCC or MQ

4. What to talk about? Choose from the topics below (3 minute speech)

  • Korean culture is (      ) plus (      ).
  • To me, Korean is not (      ) but (      ).

5. Prizes?

  • The 1st prize winner will be eligible to participate in the training program offered by the King Sejong Institute Foundation to be held in Korea in September, 2017 (subject to change, please also note 1st prize winner must have taken at least two terms at the KSI including the most recent terms at KCC and MQ)
  • The 2nd & 3rd prize winners will receive a gift voucher worth $300 & $200 respectively

6. Application only application only – by 9th June

7. RSVP & Enquiries: sejong@koreanculture.org.au / 02 8267 3400

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