Korean Banquet Showcase

It is said that the best way to learn about a country’s culture is through its food. With this in mind, the first Korean Banquet Showcase was created in 2013. It has been organized by Korean Cultural Centre for 4 years as of 2016 and valued as a one of a kind event to get a taste of and become more deeply involved with Korean food, with various themes each year such as Kimchi, unique regional food and Korean alcohol. Although it started with guests from food related media, chefs, and food businesses, from 2015, a similar event was open to public under the name of Korean Home Party Night as well. We believe that experiencing Korean food is the one of the best ways to learn about Korean culture and it is also the most enjoyable way.

*Venue and time will be announced as the date comes closer.

Our Activities

1st Korean Banquet Showcase 2013

2nd Korean Banquet Showcase 2014

3rd Korean Banquet Showcase 2015

4th Korean Banquet Showcase 2016

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