Past Exhibition – 2013

Korean Folk Paintings: Fortunes within

20 February-24 May

Opening Night

20 February, 17:30-19:30

Korean Folk Paintings: Fortunes within presents a great collection of Minhwa, partnership with the Gahoe Museum, Seoul in Korea.

Minhwa means Korean folk painting, which were produced and spread mainly by ordinary people in the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910) and is often used to decorate a Korean traditional house or to celebrate a birthday or wedding. The symbolisms found in Minhwa are largely wishes of good health and longevity, riches, many sons, or of a life with honour and wealth.

FRAME BY FRAME: Korean cinema from script to screen

4 July – 16 August

Opening Night

4 July, 5-7pm

This exhibition on Korean film, Frame by Frame, explores the filmmaking process of taking a written scenario and visualising it for the cinema screen. It will exhibit the original storyboard of Masquerade(2012) along with Australian artists’ own storyboards, who were only supplied the scenario of the film. The diverse visual interpretations caused by cultural differences and similarities will be investigated through the exhibition.


This exhibition has been made possible through the generous participation of 6 artists and the support of Contibrothers for the original storyboard.


Opening Night with screening of Hong Sang Soo’s Woman on the Beach(2006)

Journey to Northeast Asia: Painting & Calligraphy from Korea, China and Japan

9 – 31 October

Opening Night

Wednesday 9 October, 5-7pm

Northeast Asian countries of Korea, China and Japan have historically shared tradition and philosophy through vibrant cultural interchange each other owing to their geological closeness. Therefore, the traditional artworks of three countries show the qualities and values in common. However, they also exhibit the unique and special cultural elements of each country.


Journey to Northeast Asia will feature the Korean, Chinese and Japanese painting and calligraphy created by the members of the Society for International Cooperation in Artistic Oriental Drawings(SICA). The shared and distinguishing aspects in art practices of each culture can be explored through the artworks of the SICA members. The succeeded Korean traditional style and technique will be specially focused in the exhibition.


Opening Night with Korean Painting & Calligraphy demonstration

KAAF Art Prize 2013

27 November 2013 – 29 January 2014

Exhibition Opening & Awards Presentation

29 November, 5-7pm

The Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Prize (KAAFP) is the annual art competition organised by the foundation. The KAAFP 2013 is open-themed and only medium of 2D works is eligible to apply for the competition. The prize entry is open to all Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents of at least 12 months, but they should be over 18-year-old.


The artworks of 37 finalists will be exhibited at the Korean Cultural Centre.

Winner Announcement

First Prize($5,000)

<A World of Difference> by Vladimir Barac

Second Prize($1,000)

<Where Do I Live> by Yiwon Park

Third Prize($500)

<The Gate> by Caroline Zilinsky

About KAAF


The Korea-Australia Arts Foundation (KAAF) is an organisation comprised of Korean people for promoting and supporting a wide range of visual artists in Australia. KAAF is a non-profit organisation which was established with the purpose of providing specialised activities in visual art, as well as supporting artists and art organisations within the visual arts field.


KAAF provides an annual art competition which is supported by the Korean Cultural Centre in Sydney and also provides information to Korea on a wide range of Korean art and other art matters including Artist in Residence, Art School, local artists and art organizations that are based in Australia.

2013 Journey to Northeast Asia

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