KCC Membership gives you an insider’s view of the Korean Cultural Centre, taking you into the world of art and culture in ways that go beyond a general tour. All members enjoy regular benefits and receive a free ticket  to some events organised by the KCC. The most important part is that you will get to meet other KCC members at special events and share in your passion for Korea!


* A welcome gift pack and membership card
* Monthly E-Newsletter
* Free tickets and invitations to some KCC cultural events
* Member Discounts for all classes and some events
* Library facilities – photocopies available at discounted price and free internet use
* Member Priority in KCC Class enrolments.


* Please be advised the KCC membership fee is NON REFUNDABLE.



*Send the complete Membership Form to

Other Information


Have you enjoyed being a member of the Korean Cultural Centre? Renew your membership today at the KCC reception desk. A membership renewal doesn’t require filling out a form, so simply make a payment for an extension of your membership!


* Your membership card is valid from the date of issue. You will receive an reminder email when your card is due to expire.
* You must reside within Australia to join the membership.
* Once you join the membership, the membership cannot be cancelled and membership fee cannot be refunded.
* By joining as a member at the Korean Cultural Centre, you consent to any photo and/or film that may contain your image during cultural events and classes that can be used for promotional or reporting purposes.

KCC Membership terms and conditions 

Clause 1 (Purpose)
The Korean Cultural Centre Australia (hereinafter referred to as “KCC”) Membership Terms and Conditions aim to clarify specifics of joining, renewing of the KCC membership and the rights of being a member.

Clause 2 (Definition)
A KCC member is an individual or family who has successfully completed and lodged the membership application form and paid the membership fees.

Clause 3 (Membership benefits)
The KCC members will be granted benefits as follows:
1. Membership card
2. Regular KCC E-newsletter
3. Complimentary tickets for various culture performances
4. Invitations to members-only events
5. Discounts for various culture events
6. Priority for joining KCC cultural classes/workshops and
7. 50% discount for using the photocopier in the KCC library

Clause 4 (Obligations)
A KCC member is fully responsible for keeping the KCC facilities clean and safe. Should any damage or loss occur during the use of the facilities, the responsible member may be asked to compensate depending on how serious the damage or loss is.

Clause 5 (Membership joining or renewal)
1. One who is willing to become a member is required to complete the membership application form and submit it in person, by e-mail or fax and pay the membership fee. The membership is valid for one or two years or lifetime from the date of payment, depending on the membership type.
2. A member is able to renew his/her membership by paying a membership fee before the expiry date without submitting another form.

Clause 6 (Membership fees)
The KCC membership is classified into annual, biennial and lifetime, and the fees of each kind are as follows:

Clause 7 (Membership termination)
1. In the event that a member commits any of the following acts, the KCC may block or interrupt the use of the services:
i. Any behaviour violating public order or presumed to be related to a crime
ii. Any act of defamation or insult of others, or other harmful act
iii. Any disruptive behaviour that prevents the use of the services, such as the interruption of service provision
iv. Other behaviours violating applicable laws or the terms and conditions of the KCC

2. In the event that a member loses his/her membership status for one of the reasons specified in the above provisions and his/her membership registration needs to be terminated, the KCC may give a prior notice to the member. Once the notice has been sent out, the membership terminates in two weeks. In case the KCC is not able to reach the member with the contact details provided by the member, the KCC presumes his/her membership has been terminated two weeks after the notice gets sent out.

3. A member who received a notice of his/her membership termination may appeal within two weeks only in written form, and the KCC is to re-consider its previous decision with the documents submitted and give him/her a final notification.

4. KCC membership fee cannot be refunded

Clause 8 (Membership transfer)
The KCC membership is not transferrable and cannot be sold or purchased among members or non-members.

Clause 9 (Publication of Photographs, Video and Audio Consent)
1. By joining the membership, a KCC member consents to the KCC using or publishing his/her name and the photographs and/or videos which may contain the member’s image in any of its publications and materials including electronic or multimedia materials for distribution anywhere in the world, on the KCC website, for promotional or reporting purposes.
2. A member is aware that any information published on the internet is accessible to millions of users from all over the world and that once published on the internet, the KCC will have no control over its subsequent use or disclosure.
3. A member is aware that he/she is not entitled to any remuneration, royalties or any other payment from the KCC in respect of the use by the KCC of the photographs, videos and/or audio.
4. A member acknowledges that ownership of any image/recording will be retained by the KCC.
Supplementary provisions
These terms and conditions are effective as of 27th January, 2016

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