Internship at the KCC

“The Korean Cultural Centre offers an internship program for anyone seeking to further their experience and resume in a government organisation.”

Various roles are available which include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative duties including research and documentation
  • Event co-ordination
  • Assistance of facility management (library, reception)

Successful applicants will join our team as we manage the general affairs of the centre as well as taking part in putting together some of our biggest events/projects

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?
There is no restriction on who can apply for internship at the KCC, most of our applicants are people who are undertaking studies or work part-time!

What do I get at the completion of the internship?
Interns who complete the internship receive a certificate of completion and a reference letter. Also, the Korean cultural centre acts as your referee for future job applications. (Conditions Apply)

How much time commitment do I need to make?
As most of our applicants are students or people who work part-time, the KCC tailors each internship program to the applicant’s availability. Shifts range from one day a week to five! Depending on how fast you want to fill your quota of hours (approx: part-time 6 months/ full-time 2months)

Do I get paid?
Although the internship program does not include payment for interns, there is an allocated allowance which covers for transport to and from the centre and a little extra for coffee 😉

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