Korean Cooking Class (Hands-on)

Korean Cooking Class (Hands-on)

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Instructor: Heather Jeong

The Korean Cultural Centre offers cooking classes taught by a popular cooking teacher and caterer Heather Jeong where students learn how to cook authentic Korean dishes. The classes are hands on cooking experiences that focuses on understanding Korean ingredients, learning traditional and modern Korean recipes, and experiencing differences in regional and seasonal Korean food.

The classes are kept small, up to 8 students, and students make 2-3 dishes in each class. The class concludes with lunch/dinner of the dishes made, accompanied by numerous side dishes and kimchi that is unique to Korean cuisine.  The modern, well equipped Korean Cultural Centre aims to enhance better understanding of Korean food and Korean culture.

  • Class Structure

-          Demonstration + Hands on cooking  + Comprehensive Recipes + Eat what you cook

  • Objectives

-          To learn how to cook and prepare a number of Korean recipes

-          To gain knowledge about Korean culture

  • When

- 2016 Term 3 : Every Tuesday 11am and 6pm (9th Aug - 30th Aug) - APPLY NOW!

  • Where

-          Korean Cultural Centre, 255 Elizabeth Street Sydney

  • Cost 

Booking Type



 1 Session each



1 Term (4 Sessions)








* Become a member of the Korean Cultural Centre ($25) and receive exclusive discounts and priorities for a year.
* Ingredient expenses included
* Cash only
* Non-refunable 




Week 1 (9th Aug) – Restaurant favourite with focus on side dishes

Haemul-jeongol (seafood hotpot) – Learn how to make popular party/ restaurant favourite

2 different banchan (side dishes) – Learn how to make different side dishes

Gamja-bokkeum - Sauted potatoes

Bausut-bokkeum  -  Stir fried mushrooms


Week 2 (16th Aug) - Regional specialty Gangwondo province

Dakgalbi (Chilli Chicken) – Regional specialty that is now loved everywhere

Makguksu (buckwheat noodles) – Learn how to make the most famous noodle dish from this region


Week 3 (23rd Aug) – Kimchi making with home cooking

Traditional Kimchi – Learn how to make Korea’s no. 1 cultural heritage

Galbi-tang (Beef short rib soup) - A favourite dish that is enjoyed by at home


Week 4 (30th Aug) – Korean food inspired by other cultures

Jajangmyeon (Black bean noodles) – Arguably the most popular noodle in Korea

Kkanpunggi (Bite sized Korean fried chicken) – A favourite chicken dish




How to Apply

-          Online : Fill in the application form (click here to download the form) and submit to email: class@koreanculture.org.au / Or simply fill out the form below and submit.

                          You will receive a confirmation email for submission within 3 business days of your application. Please make a payment within 5 working days after you apply to finish your class enrolment.

-          Offline : Visit our centre for the application form and submit in person.

  • Payment Options

-          Payment option : Cash Only (No credit card payment available)
            * Address: Ground Floor, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

-          Class fee to be paid with enrolment application (Within 5 days of receiving confirmation email)

-          Class enrolment will not be completed until payment is received 

  • Please bring

-          Apron, tea towel, container, pen and paper (Materials and other use of equipment/tools provided).

  • Contact

-          Email: class@koreanculture.org.au

* Post to: Korean Cultural Centre, Grd Floor 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000
Conditions 2
* No Credit Card Payment Available
Conditions 3
* Class enrolment will not be completed until payment is made

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Book with your Friends!

State of the Art Facilities!

State of the Art Facilities!

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An Expert Teacher!