Modern Taste of Korea

K-Pop Class

K-Pop stands for Korean Pop Music, something that has swept waves throughout Asia and the rest of the world in recent years. We know many Australians already have a strong passion for the fashion, haircuts, vocals and dance moves of K-Pop artists, something we saw at the Super K-Pop Festival (link to Super Kpop event page in Past Performances) in Sydney. The KCO have taken note of this phenomenon and want to help people express their interest through our K-Pop class.

For more information see the K-Pop Class page

Fiddler on the Park

Fiddler on the Park is the KCO's class of the popular Love Violin program, which runs free violin program for needy children across the world. Chosen children are granted special favor to take free violin and lesson from Violin Volunteer (VV) at their beneficiary places. Also they can take part in 2 days and 3 nights Summer Music Camp for enhancing their abilities for playing violin and perform at Love Violin Concert to be held in every January.

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