King Sejong Institute

Korean Language Class

Who is King Sejong?

Sejong the Great (1397–1450) was the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He is the creator of Hangeul (the name of the Korean Alphabets). Hangeul was designed in a way that was simple enough for anyone to easily learn, and we hope that YOU will give it a try, too!

King Sejong is also famous for reinforcing Korean Confucian policies and executing major legal amendments. He was at the forefront of a great period in the history of Korea when the cultures and language thrived, so we have named the KCO Language Program the King Sejong Institute in honour of him. We hope all the attendees of the King Sejong Institute will be inspired by him.


Class Schedule

Classes run for 90 minutes per week. Please check the timetable below for each terms course scheduling. For a calendar of all 2014 Classes, please download here

Intro = Introduction, Beg = Beginner, Inter = Intermediate, Adv = Advanced

Term 2

[28 Apr - 7 Jul]

[29 Apr - 1 Jul]

[3 May - 5 Jul]


Inter 2 *


Intro 2  


Intro 1 * 


Adv B *


Beg 2


Inter 1


Beg 1

* The registration opens on Monday March 31st at 10:00am

* Please note that there is no class on Monday June 9th due to Queens Birthday Public Holiday


Term Schedule

  • Term 1: 1 Feb ~ 12 Apr
  • Term 2: 28 Apr ~ 7 Jul
  • Term 3: 19 Jul ~ 23 Sep
  • Term 4: 11 Oct ~ 16 Dec


Textbook (Free Download)

Please click here to download the textbook.


Level Summary (Important)

  • Intro 1: Unit 1~3
  • Intro 2: Unit 4~5
  • Beginner 1: Unit 6~8
  • Beginner 2: Unit 9~12
  • Intermediate 1: Unit 13~15
  • Intermediate 2: Unit 16~20
  • Advanced: Handouts 

Please check the unites to be taught in eacl level of the class, before submitting your application form. 



FREE, but joining KCO membership is necessary.

For information on how to become a member, please click here



For enquiries and further information

Please contact So-young Kim, Language Class Manager on or 02 8267-3400.


How to Apply

Application details

  1. Please apply using the online application form below
  2. Securing a spot is on a first-come-first-served basis, but if more than one person apply at the same time, a KCO member gets a priority
  3. If you have secured a spot, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 2 weeks


Korean Language Class Online Application Form


*If you are unsure of your level, please check the text book and level summary above.